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Our Vision Brettgeflüster

Our vision is to combine the passion for surfing and skating with the creativity of many people. Together we want to make life more colourful for each other. We want to create a large network and capture beautiful moments through joint projects. Creativity is a medium to create a big whole from many small parts. We love to be artistically and technically active and to enjoy life with many people. The passion for travelling, the joy of surfing and skating brings us ever new inspirations and networking all over the world. These contacts are as important as the regional exchange with people from our surroundings. We can crochet hats from home-spun wool, make art with driftwood from Irish and Spanish beaches, sew ponchos from recycled towels, fin bags and board socks with fabrics from all over the world or make bracelets with shells from Indonesia.

Brettgeflüster offers its own fashion collection with sustainably produced and fair trade textiles and a variety of workshops for creative work, which are designed for groups and companies on request.

In order to support interesting projects, we have set up a creative compass, which regularly contains descriptions of creative and innovative concepts.


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